For our bags and accessories we use vegetable tanned Florentine Vacchetta leather in combination with nylon or canvas.

Vegetable tanned Florentine Vacchetta is colored with only natural materials. This gives the leather a unique look. Over the years the leather will age beautifully and show the story of the travels made by the markings and scratches. Because of the natural tanning process the color of each bag may vary. Also you will sometimes see some color difference in the bag. This is al natural and part of how the leather comes.Also don’t leave your bag against a window with the full son on it. This will cause color fading.

The nylon that we use is Limonta nylon from the North of Italy. They are worlds number one producer of nylon. The quality is highly durable and water resistant. For our Inside Out products (more nylon than leather), we use specially rubberized nylon. This make the bags stronger and help it keep its shape.

The canvas we use is highly durable and beautifully colored into pure colors. Also from the North of Italy.

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